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Sharing Platters

We decided to take a little break from the Pearl for some much-needed maintenance and to give ourselves a chance to recharge. During this time off, we had the pleasure of exploring different restaurants for lunches and dinners. Today, I want to share with you two incredible places we had the opportunity to dine at.

First up, we visited a fantastic East African restaurant called Mosob in Glasgow. We were advised by my Ethiopian friend who had gone there to see if it brought back memories of home and boy it didn’t disappoint. We followed her advice and opted for the sharing platter, which allowed us to sample a bit of everything. The flavors were simply amazing - not too spicy, but packed with deliciousness. But what made this place truly special was the unique way the food was served. The dishes were presented on a large round table covered with an edible flatbread called Injera, and the best part was that we got to eat with our hands! No cutlery unless you really wanted it. It was a fun and interactive experience, and although we didn't go as far as feeding each other, it definitely added a touch of romance to the evening. If you find yourself in Glasgow, I highly recommend booking a table at Mosob for a memorable Ethiopian feast.

Another restaurant that we absolutely loved was IV10 in Fortross. This place had a touch of African influence too in its menu, alongside stone oven pizzas and a delightful deli counter filled with cheeses and cakes. We decided to go for their sharing dishes, and man, were we blown away! My personal favorite was the slow-cooked Middle Eastern lamb on a bed of hummus, topped with pine nuts and pomegranate. It was a flavor combination like no other. We also discovered a new dish called Muhammara, which was a delicious blend of roasted red peppers, garlic, and walnuts. I loved it so much that I had to find a recipe and try making it at home. IV10 is a friendly and inspiring place that caters to the whole family, but make sure to book ahead, even for lunch.

What really stood out to us from these dining experiences was the joy of sharing. It not only allowed us to explore different flavours but also added to the overall enjoyment of our night out. I’m happy to say that we will now be offering a sharing platter at The Black Pearl.

Sharing food encourages conversation and creates a relaxed and happy atmosphere. It's not about being formal, but simply being in the company of friends and loved ones, savouring delicious food, and cherishing the moment. So, next time you're out with friends or family, consider sharing a meal together - it's a wonderful way to create lasting memories.

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