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Spring in my step

Spring is finally here, and I couldn't be more excited! The arrival of this season fills me with hope and a sense of new beginnings. I find myself pondering which plants to try growing this year and whether I can hang my laundry out to dry instead of relying on the tumble dryer. These thoughts energize me and get me ready for the months ahead.

Living in the highlands during the winter can be tough. The short, dark days, sideways rain, and strong winds can really test your spirits. Many locals escape to sunnier destinations, making the area even quieter. But as spring approaches, things start to look up. It's wonderful to reopen the restaurant for sit-in dinners and see how much visitors appreciate the highlands for its unspoiled natural beauty—waterfalls, hills, and sandy beaches galore.

I remember a sweet moment with my son when he was young. He said, "It's not bad weather here, mummy; it's nature." His innocent perspective reminded me to appreciate the beauty around us, regardless of the weather.

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