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Tales of Tobago

I took my family on a holiday to sunny Tobago last month and I have to say I’d go back again in a heartbeat. Stunning scenery, beautiful people, golden sandy beaches and most importantly the street food. Roti, Pholourie and pig foot.

We wanted to do some research on one of their most famous street foods called Doubles (Channa chickpeas curry on Bara flatbread) which is a dish we have been selling from our horse box and now in the creole kitchen. I think we must have tried every street food truck that sold it. All of which were slightly different, some better than others. It’s a fairly mild curry, cumin based with toppings of pickled cucumber, tamarind and hot pepper sauce: that’s where the kick is. It’s served as a breakfast street food which we devoured. Compared to mine the difference was the Bara. We did struggle with the ones in Tobago as they were thinner and flatter but delicious. When I cook mine they are more puffed bread which I feel holds the curry better. One thing I came away with from my holiday was how much I love street food and I’ve strayed from this since opening the kitchen. With this in mind I’ve decided to dedicate part of my menu to alternative Bara's and taking Black Pearl back to its street food origins.

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