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The Finger-Licking Goodness

When it comes to indulging in fish and chips, I firmly believe that the best way to enjoy them is by using your fingers. Dipping the crispy chips in rich mayonnaise, fish into tangy tartar sauce and ketchup adds an extra layer of flavor to the experience. However, when I see my Scottish-born husband reaching for a plate, knife, and fork to eat his portion of chicken wings in my opinion, it just not right and I believe it doesn’t taste as good and it certainly wasn't designed to be eaten that way. After discussing this with a friend from Ethiopia, who shared a similar sentiment, she mentioned a study that shed light on the matter. Not only does eating with your hands enhance your enjoyment of the food, but it also deepens your understanding and appreciation of what you're consuming, leading to greater satisfaction and less craving for more.

According to a study exploring eating habits, it was found that using your fingers to eat can significantly enhance the overall experience. This study suggests that the tactile sensation of touching the food and feeling its texture adds an extra dimension to the taste. By engaging multiple senses, we develop a deeper connection with the dish, allowing us to savor every bite and truly appreciate its flavors.

As a restaurateur who serves chicken wings, pork, chicken and chickpea filled Bara flatbread it saddens me to see people using cutlery to consume these finger-licking delights. By opting for utensils, they miss out on the full experience and fail to unlock the true potential of the dish. It almost feels as though they are merely being polite and well-mannered, which I understand is the British way rather than fully immersing themselves in the joy of eating.

I urge you to embrace a casual dining finger licking experience when you visit my establishments, we prioritize creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. We are not striving to be a Michelin-starred restaurant where strict etiquette reigns supreme. Instead, we encourage our guests to let loose, have fun, and feel at home. Therefore, using your fingers to enjoy your meal aligns perfectly with the laid-back ambiance we aim to provide. With an abundance of napkins and readily available water for hand cleaning, there is no need to worry about the mess. Embrace the freedom to eat with your hands and relish in the pleasure it brings.

Next time you find yourself faced with a plate of ribs or sticky fried chicken, I urge you to let go of the cutlery and embrace the full experience by using your fingers. Not only will you enhance your enjoyment of the food, but you will also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for what you're eating. Remember, we're not aiming for a fine dining experience here – we want you to feel relaxed, have fun, and feel at home. So, drop the utensils, pick up the food, and let loose. Enjoy your meal to the fullest!

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